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Performance as follows:
1. good performance of alkaline-resistance
2. high tensile strength and deformation-resistance
3. excellent self-adhesive performance
4. simple and easy to be applied

Repair the crack and joints or holes of drywall, plasterboard, stucco; and repair other damages in other wall surface.

width(mm) :25,35,48,50,100,150,200,1000,1500 or wider
Length (m) :10,20,30,45,90,153 or loner
Mass: 50-85g/m2
Mesh:7W7,8W8 or 9W9 mesh/inch
Color: white, yellow, blue etc.
Other specifications are available upon request.
Testing standard: ASTM-D579

Direction of Applications:
1. Wall must be clean and dry
2. Center and apply tape over the length of the joint, pressing firmly
3. Apply a generous first coat of compound over the and through the mesh, making sure to completely fill the joint crevice. When the joint has been completely filled, wipe off any excess compound with the drywall knife leaving enough to cover the tape.
4. Let dry completely, then sand slightly.
5. Apply sufficient thin finishing coats to produce a smooth wall surface.
6. Cut or butted boards do not have a tapered edge. Therefore, special
care must be taken to assure proper compound penetration of all joints. This may result in slight build-up of compound that will require an increased amount of edge feathering.

1. Failure to completely fill the joint may result in cracking.
2. For best results, use a setting-type compound.