FILTERING NONWOVEN MATERIALS FNM You May Also Be Interested In: aviation fuel dumper equipment valve filtering materials fuel oils
In connection with the scope of the reasons and drivers our company has developed the new materials, named FNM. These drivers are as follows: carrying out the certification of the production and products to ISO9000 requirements; receiving the patents for our products in a number of the EU countries; active work on increasing of the nomenclature and quality of the products (with a purpose of reducing chlorine-organic substances evaporation) .

FNM materials and the corresponding know-how are covered by Estonian patents.

Filtering non-woven materials FNM are intended for thin clearing air, gases and from the weighed particles (aerosols, a dust, fogs) and liquids from the weighed particles of mechanical impurity and used for manufacturing dustproof and light gas and dustproof means for protection of respiratory organs, filters for thin clearing of liquids (fuel, oils, spirits, paraffin hydrocarbons, technical and deionized waters, water and spirit solutions of substances, medical products) , for manufacturing separators for alkaline and acid accumulators, for equipment valve and dumper devices of pneumatics systems, for manufacturing analytical filters and tapes, indicators of quality of aviation fuel.

Filtering polymer materials FPM are dedicated for manufacturing of individual protection facilities for respiratory organs, aerosol filters, filters of complex purification. The material is chemically stable to the diluted acids, alkalis, alcohols, saturated hydrocarbon, glycerin, oils, petroleum and fresh water.

Filtering materials FPP based on perchlorovinyl are intended for manufacturing of aerosol filters. Material is chemically stable to strong acids and alkalis, alcohols, saturated hydrocarbon. Can be used for trapping mists, oils, and acids.