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Time is one of the most valuable resources in any organization accurate efficient time and labor management is vital to an organizations success.

Payroll analysts estimate time-clock fraud between 2-7% of total labor cost. Our fingerprint attendance uses human identifiers instead of punch card or Pins, hence virtually eliminating time-clock fraud.

Our time management system provides an easy and affordable way to perform standard and overtime hour calculations for all industries. It has a fully automated time management attendance software application where daily time logs (clock in/out) are recorded and stored in a database.

Companies that focus on increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of the organization will find this system a worthwhile investment and a valuable asset. With this system, FRAUD is not only reduced to a minimum as in the case of proxy or buddy punching, all previous method of manual calculations of standard and overtime hours performed by employees will be a thing of the past. You will be able to enjoy up-to-date reports such as total standard/overtime hours performed by individual employees, late login and early logout by personnel and many others.