FINGERPRINT LOCK(L2000) You May Also Be Interested In: door close
L2000 professional fingerprint lock adopts world class biometric identification technology and optical sensor. Its unique anti-theft design makes your daily life more secure.
It has becomes more and more popular in global market.
Professional and elegant design by famous designer. Elegant and luxurious. Fashionable slide design.
High security level: Automatic selflock after door-close.
Admin management: Different level: Admin and normal user. Admin fingerprint is required for admin operation.
Easy operation: Clear voice prompt. Door-open, door-close, enrollment and deletion of fingerprint is extremely easy to operate.
Door-open method: Combination of password and fingerprint. No hidden risk of mechanical key. Safe and reliable.
Low power prompt: Alarm sent when power is low. 200 door-open still available.
Data management: USB or network communication.
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