Sell FINGERSTAR vending type Nail Printing Machine

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FINGERSTAR is the vending typed Nail Printing Machine. It is equipped with the well developed printer which shows the high resolution of nail printing to draw a pattern or a photo with clarity in such a small space of fingernail.

There is a Camera on the sign board of the nail art machine. So you can take a photo of you and print it on your finger nail as a pattern. There are 3,000 patterns provided and 1,000 patterns can be loaded on the machine. You simply select a desired pattern or photo and print it on your finger nail.

Unique Features

1) Easy, convenient and simple to use.
Easy installation in a small space due to compact size and simple to operate. FingerStar is operated by touch screen. Voice and written instructions are loaded in the machine. And a written instruction will be attached on the cover of machine. Therefore any body who can use ATM can use it easily.

2) Quality stability & Warranty
Good communication between software and hardware. Almost no problem occurs and there is one year factory warranty with on demand A/S after one year.
If there is any trouble its simple to solve.

3) Speedy
Operating time is short. It takes about 50 seconds to perform.

4) Languages
FingerStar can be serviced in any language. Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese are ready. Other languages are needed translation.

5) Attractive
Cute and attractive appearance.

6) Economical
Cheap to maintain / High earning rate.

7) Various target marketing
A. Stationary/Fancy store, Cosmetics store, Accessory Store.
B. Beauty Parlor, Photo sticker store.
C. Amusement hall, department store.
D. Convenient

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Available Colors
W 470 x D 525 x H 1580
Warranty Coverage
1 year
71 Kg