Sell FIR heating Horse Care System

FIR heating Horse Care System You May Also Be Interested In: horse metal hydride nickel metal hydride or channel 6 thermal cover
The system include a main thermal cover for the back, a belly thermal cover and 4 legs thermal cover.

Horse-care thermal heating sauna system of 2 kinds,

HS-4  Ni-MH Rechargeable battery (DC36V) package with strap-on battery saddlebag for moving horses
PH-2HS - AC ( 100V ~ 240V ) power supply without battery for stay put horses
Main Control Box
Versatile and Precise control system with a Nickel Metal Hydride ( NiMH ) battery accumulator. User can easily switch the setting between 2-channel, 4 channel & 6 channel of combination.
Accumulator with Charger
High performance and has a capacity of 8Ah and allow 85min of operational duration even with full load of 6 channels
Strap-on Saddlebag
For safe handling where the accumulator and the controller can be placed firmly into the strap-on saddlebag
Thermal therapies for a multiplicity of diseases
Stimulate and increase blood circulation
Muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint are tougher and powerful by
Improve resilience and optimize slip characteristic and viability
For an increasing of muscular effort
Promoting physical ability
Minimize injuries caused failures
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