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IR  Negative Ion Heating Sensing Neck Supports
Come From Nature Extract By Hi-tech Protect Heath

Product Characteristics:
FIR (far infrared ray) -Negative Ion Temperature Sensing Neck Supports are compounded of Brazil gem tourmaline, ceramic powder with nanometer function and special heat inductive material. Under the stimulation of body temperature, through the action of transferring accelerant, heat inductive material reacts instantly and gives out quantity of heat. Under the amplitude of heat energy, far infrared ray and negative ions infiltrate into the deep of the skin, decompose peroxo lipids etc harmful substance excreted to the outside of the body by sweat and urine, dilate blood vessel, accelerate blood circulation, activate cells and adjust nerve.

Product Efficacy:
Accelerate metabolism of the body, adjust nerve system and activate incretion. Ease pain & remove cold, dilate blood vessel. Relax part of body fatigue and ache. Burn the excessive fat inside the body so as to reach certain weight reducing purpose. Provide general health protection for healthy people.

Person who is chilly and afraid of cold, after pains, hypogastrium cold, chillness and ache in the neck, cold syndrome of the stomach, stomach-ache, strain of neck muscles, cervical vertebra hyperosteogeny, arthritis, figure body and make health & beauty, daily health care and defense, etc

Firstly wet the heating part situated in the middle with water soaked fabric, then put the self-heating product onto the skin of affected area and fix it. Generally obvious heat is felt in twenty minutes or so. And it is quite normal. It can be removed temporarily in accordance with the condition of individuals. And it does not hurt the skin in the least. It can be used as well without being wetted, but it takes a relatively long time to heat up.

1. it is not available to wash with water directly, but can be brushed by a wet duster cloth.
2. if you wet it each time or brush it often, it will shorten the lifetime and influence the function sometimes.
3. do not take a shower with hot water immediately after wearing the supports
4. not available for pregnant woman
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