FIRST AID A-Z HEALING/ANTISEPTIC CREAM- THE BEST GENERAL PURPOSE ANTISEPTIC CREAM IN THE WORLD! You May Also Be Interested In: antiseptic cream first aid healing cream nappy rash natural herbal remedies
First Aid A-Z antiseptic/healing cream. The best general purpose antiseptic cream in the world!Discover the miracle of Tea Tree, the antiseptic of the future! Tea Tree's unique strength effectively targets all 3 BACTERIAL, FUNGAL and Viral infections of the skin. eg. cuts, wounds, grazes, minor burns, sores, acne, athletes foot, rashes, chicken pox, cracked skin, cradle cap, dermatitis and eczema, insect bites and stings sunburn, nappy rash, bed sores, thrush and many more. .
First Aid A-Z Cream is ideal for a multitude of complaints and emergency injuries and is natural and safe for the whole family's use.

Professionally manufactured according to the Medical Board specifications and regulations by a Pharmaceutical Company in South Africa. The product is registered with the MCC.

Track Record
First Aid A-Z Healing/Antiseptic Cream is a proven business, with an already established track record, selling in supermarkets and pharmacies for four years.

The selling rate in supermarkets without advertising is approximately 24 units every 6 weeks, weighing only 1.560kg per pack of 24, and taking up a shelf space area equivalent to an A4 piece of paper.

First Aid A-Z Cream is the best general purpose healing/antiseptic cream in the world because it:

- targets bacterial, fungal and viral infections of the skin
- caters to a multitude of complaints and emergency injuries
- is safe for use on the whole family (babies-adults)
- is safe for use on any part of the body (not all natural products are necessarily safe, and not all antiseptic creams can be applied to just any part of the body)
- conforms to the moving trend towards natural, herbal remedies and products
- does not affect or destroy the healthy surrounding tissue of the problem area being treated.
- contains tea tree which has already established and excellent reputation throughout the world, and is gaining popularity
- is an invaluable necessity item in every medicine cabinet

- First Aid A-Z Cream is a frontline shelf product, to sell alongside other frontline products such as Panado, Disprin, plasters etc.
- First Aid A-Z Cream has an award winning commercial "look" which provides a strong competitive edge. It does not imitate the pretty, flowery, leafy look usually given to herbal products
- I am the first person to introduce tea tree antiseptic cream to the supermarkets.
- First Aid A-Z Cream is here and here to stay for lifetimes - it is fast becoming a household name!
- First Aid A-Z Cream does not constantly require a new look, instead the product maintains its recognisable look.
- First Aid A-Z Cream comes in an excellent size, weight profit combination.
- First Aid A-Z Cream is sold in small, lightweight, tamperproof and undamageable containers.
- First Aid A-Z Cream has a long shelf life.

I personally assure you of my very best attention with regard to doing business.

My vision . . . First Aid A-Z Antiseptic Cream will become a
household-name product . . .
which will sell in supermarkets and pharmacies
. . . worldwide . . . to generations of people


Brand Name
First Aid A-Z Cream
Supply Capacity
unlimited supply capacity
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
no minimum order
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