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Our shrimp is the "Penaeus Semisulcatus" and we have now on the stock head on and head less ready for delivery.
The frozen shrimp products packed 18x1Kg or 9x2Kg carton packs for onboard frozen hed on shrimp.
we have several sizes between 10 to 20 Pcs/Kg till 80 to100 Pcs/Kg and all between them.

We have kind of species like: Red Snapper, Malabar Snapper, Humpback Snapper, Grouper, Emporer, Spanish Mackerel, Jackfish, Barracuda, Queenfish, Catfish, Shark, Tuna, Threadfin Bream, Lizardfish etc. (fresh and packed frozen) , we can supply it whole gutted or skinless fillet.

Sea cucumbres
We have some species like: White Teat size A1, A2, A3, Black Teat A1, A2, A3 , Sand fish A1, A2, A3, Black sea cucumber, Brown/Red Lolly, Red prickly and Elephant Trunk Fish.
we also have it skinless ( all types) .

Origin: Red Sea
All our products are in high quality and with the EU Certificate.

best regards
Kobi Poyastro