Sell FITLE S175V200 - Optic Fiber Splicer (used)

FITLE S175V200 - Optic Fiber Splicer (used) You May Also Be Interested In: eccentricity fiber splicer
Applicable Fiber: Core Alignment(Profile Alignment System)
Coating/Clad Dia. : 0.250.9mm / 0.080.15mm
Cleave Length: standard 16mm or 10mm only for 0.25mm coating diameter and 16mm
for 0.9mm coating
optional 10mm for 0.250.9mm coating

Average loss: SM:0.02dB MM:0.01dB DS:0.04dB (with identical Furukawa fibers)
Reflection: -60 dB or lower
Estimation accuracy: 1 0.05dB (loss20.4 dB)
1 15% (loss>0.4 dB)
Operating time: Splice: 17s (typicaly at high speed mode)
Heat: 90s (typical for S921)
Tension test: 200g (0.4lbs)
Function Auto sleep mode
Remote control from PC
Attenuation splice: Optional 0 to 10 dB by 0.1dB
32 splice program with one auto splice mode  9 preprogrammed;
28 customizable
Inspection: Cleave angle, fiber end gap, core eccentricity, offset, tilt, micro bending, bubble at spliced point
Display information: operating message; ARC counter, clock, heater
status, estimation loss, finder image X and Y view
Message: A capacity to store 9 languages. Contact your dealer
for details.
Reinforce Heater Applicable sleeve: 40 or 60mm
Built-in cooling fan
4 default programs, 4 customizable
heating programs
Mechanical pre-tension fiber clamp
Status shown in monitor
Operating Environment: Temperature: -10 to +500C (14 to 1220F)
Humidity: 90% at 380C (1000F)
Altitude: 3,658m/12,000ft (484mmHg)
Storage: -40 to + 600C (-40 to 1400F)
Environment: LCD: 5 color with anti-reflection coating
Video: NTSC (PIN connector)
Data: RS232C (D-sub 9 Pins male)
Memory: 400 splice losses
Sensor: air pressure, temperature, humidity
Lamp: V-Groove illumination
Body Size/weight: 181W x 285D x 181H mm/6.3kg.
7.1W x 11.2D x 7.1H/13.9lbs.
Power: AC 100/120, 200/240 V 50/60 Hz DC 10-
16.5V with LED indicator
Consumption: Max. 70W typical 27W sleep 20W