Sell FL Series of Fluidized Drying Granulator for medicine and solid drinks

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I. Working Principle
Fresh air is sucked by the fan and then pass through the filter and the entrance of heater. The heated and filtered air then pass through the lower screen of granulator. The air stream with high speed sustains raw material suspending and forms stable fluidized-bed. The solution of adhesive is sent to sprayer through liquid pump and sprayed onto the powder and makes powder agglomerate porous granule. At the same time the granules are dried in the dryer. The moist air should be exhausted at top of the dryer through anti-static bag filter.
The fluidized is the integration of spraying technology and fluidizing technology. Mixing, granulating and drying are completed in one vessel, so it also called One Step Granulator.
II. Features
1. When powder becomes granule, flowability is improved and fly dust is reduced. At the same time, the solubility is better.
2. Mixing, granulating and drying processes are finished one time, the thermal efficiency is high.
3. The size of granules can be adjusted freely;
4. To avoid any explosion caused by static, anti-static filter is used.
5. Super inject dust removing device make cleaning and eliminating pollution convenient.
6. Cylinder lifting device make discharging of material convenient.
7. The equipment has no dead corner. Discharge is quick and safe and cleaning is very convenient. It is in conformity with the requirements of "GMP";
8. The equipment is controlled automatically. The operation is very convenient. It can also be controlled by analog technology if necessary
9. If remove the infusion pump and sprayer, it can be used as fluidizing drier.
10. This machine could integrate with a HLM Hopper Lifting Machine and Granulator (to get big particles) to form a plant.
III. Scope of Application
1. Pharmaceutical industry: preparing granules for capsule, low sugar contents CTM.
2. Foodstuff: milk powder, dressing, cocoa, coffee, juice powder etc.
3. Other industries: pesticide, feed, chemical fertilizer, pigment, dyestuff etc.
4. Coating: coat small particles.
5. Drying: Drying various kinds of powder or small particles.
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