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The Flagger (wristband-flag) is an innovative invention, copyrighted by the O. B. I. (Industrial Property Organization of Greece) as a patent and it is a substantial development on the classical flag on a pole. The Flagger consists of one or more flags, a wristband and a little chain, which joins the flag to the wristband.

The Flagger is an original product, suitable for advertising and retail purposes.
Flagger is suitable for stadiums, concerts, sports and generally for places where people gather together. Flagger promotes the idea of non-violence, because of the use of cloth as the main material of construction and because of the easy way the sports fans can use it, wear it, even carry it in their pockets.
Brand Name
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Condition of Goods
30x40 cm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
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Minimum Order Quantity
10,000 units
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Patent # 60100288
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