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Product Description

1. Frequency range: 68---108MHZ

2. RF Power: 100W

3. Frenquecy spacing: 100Kc/25Kc

4. Transmitting model: Continued/Single Frequency

5. Stability 1 10ppm (-10: C---+50: C)

6. Modulation deviation: 75Kc(100 %)

7. Harmonic suppression: >60dB

8. Antenna impendence: 50(Ohms)

9. Antenna connection: BNC/SL-16

10. Modulation sensitivity: 5---20mv

11. Audio response: 80-5000 Hz

12. Audio distortion: 1%(F=75KC f=1000HZ)

13. Audio input: CD, MP3, PC, MIC

14. Power voltage AC: 110/220V DC: 12---13.8V

15. Operation temperature: -10: CC---+55: CC

16. Volume: 400*280*420MM

17 Net weight: 16.5 Kg

2. Omni-Antenna

Operating Frequency range: 70-108MHz

Polarization: Vertical

Bandwidth: 10MHz

VSWR: <1.5

Radiation: 360?

Gain: 2.5dB

Power: 200W

Weight: 3.5Kg

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