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Product Description
- Body Long: 10.5cm, 5cm remain long after plugging into cigarette lighter
- Wire Long: 100cm
- Preset frequency station: 87.7 87.9 88.1 88.3 88.5 88.7 88.9
- Special Introduction: High-quality Music come from the acoustics when connecting with the USB flash disk and MP3 directly. It has seven channels for choosing. It can take the convenient, fashion, and superior for people.


This incredible new product is adopted with 3D sound coding technology, which maintains the Hi-Fi effects of MP3, MD, CD and TV.
It has been developed from frequency phase lock loop ethnology, which ensures stable frequency radiation while functioning at a distance of up to 30 meters with no dead areas. It operates through your automobile audio sounding equipment so that you can still enjoy Hi-Fi music.

Product Specifications

Operating Distance: Up to 30 meters.
Channel Isolation Ratio: >=72db
Frequency Range: 20-1500Hz
Working Current: 45mA
Operating Frequency: Labeled on the unit
Output Current: 100 mA max (According to different model)
Preset frequency station: 87.7 87.9 88.1 88.3 88.5 88.7 88.9

How to use

Plug the unit into cigarette lighter in your car.
Connect input connector in the unit to your portable device output jack and adjust the portable device output to proper level by volume control.
Select one of the 7 FM Modulator presets that a local radio station is not broadcasting on. (87.7 87.9 88.1 88.5 88.7 88.9MHz)
Tune your car stereo to the same FM frequency as the FM Modulator.
Press the play button on the FM Modulator and you can enjoy fantastic music in your portable device now


G. W. : 108.5g
N. W. : 31.5g
Minimum Order Quantity