Sell FM Two-way LCD Car Alarm With Engine Starter (Golden-Tiger)

FM Two-way LCD Car Alarm With Engine Starter (Golden-Tiger) You May Also Be Interested In: engine starter golden tiger lcd car alarm two way car alarm two way lcd car alarm
1. Possess all basic car alarm features
A) arm /disarm, lock/unlock, silent arming
B) sound and light alarming when system is triggered
C) Remote car finding
D) trunk release remotely
E) channel 5 for window closing signal
F) remote engine starting
G) Remote starter timer selection
H) shock sensor sensibility selection
I ) power-off memory
J ) Code hopping for anti-scanning and anti-grabbing

2. Possess some special features:
A) turbo (short run) protection
B) Remote start timer mode to start engine every 3 hours to keep engine warm in cold weather
C) real-time clock on LCD remote control.
D) Time set-up for personal Alarm
E) keyboard lock
F) Smart LED indicator
G) super-long range transmission (1500 meters)
H) FM technology, 433mhz, strong disturbance resistance
I) Remote query current car status
J) Work well in wide temperature range (-40C-80C)
K) Optional microwave sensor or ultrasonic sensor input jacket

Safety Standards:
CE & FCC approved.
UKAS Accreditation