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Operating theory:
The product adopting a high-tech IC, after by disposing the double-channels sound signal of MP3 or CD, it transmit adopting broad band frequency modulation tiny-power mode, (please refer to standard of broadcast and TV station of PRC for details. ) There are four channels can be selected, and it can protract the batteries use time. If the voltage is low to 0.9V, it also can operate naturally.

Operating method:
1. There are four channels can be selected: 88.1MHz, 88.3MHz, 88.5MHz, 88.7MHz, you can put the switch on the position of local disengaged channel.
2. Put the plug into the jack of MP3 or CD, then press the switch of MP3 or CD, ( usually the volume is supposed to higher) . When it starts to play, press the switch of mini frequency modulation transmitter, the indicator light will bright. You can put it on the appropriate place of the car.
3. Turn on the radiogram, adjust the volume and switch aptly to listen in the dulcet music.
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