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Bubblegum FM Features

1. Frequency range 87.9MHz - 107.9MHz (100KHz/Step)

2. 3 buttons MEM/UP/DOWN

3. Manual and auto channel fine-tuning. Store up to 9 channels.

4. Display iWorld Logo on nano G2.

5. Compatible with all iPod G4 and G5


1. Connect Transmitter to iPod, Selection of Frequency screen appears on
iPod LCD. (Note: If no selection is done within 3 secs, iPod will enter
into Play mode)

2. Press on UP/DOWN button to your desired frequency.
Holding on either button speeds up frequency change.

Setting Memory

1. To store desired frequency, hold on MEM button for more than 3 secs.

2. Press UP/Down Button to select memory location. Once done, hold on to
MEM button for more than 3 secs. There are 9 channels for preset memory.

Note: You can go back to frequency selection screen anytime by pressing
either MEM/UP/DOWN button. Press button "MEM" to quit iPOD's "PLAY Mode",
and enter CHANNEL Mode of operation.

Selecting Preset Channels

1. Press the MEM button once

2. Frequency selection screen appears

3. Scroll the preset frequency by pressing the UP/DOWN button 4. Ensure
you tune radio to the same frequency.
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