Sell FMS  Needle Felt with high temperature resistance

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FMS needle punched filter felt is one kind of new type high temperature filter medium, which was started to develop in 1997 and push to the market in batch in 1998 by our factory. It is mixed or completed in layer forms by two or mre than two kinds of high temperature resistant fiber, so that it can reach higher and newer physical and chemical performance. The completed high temperature resistant needle punched filter felt has been named FMS and applied the registered brand. Its technology of manufacture and process is the patent technology. Through the different surface chemical treatment and finishing technology, FMS needle punched filter felt series have not only the characters of high temperature resistant, high strength, anti-acid and alkali, anti-abrasion, anti-breaking, but also the easily dedusting, water and oil proof, anti-static, and also FMS9810 could be fit for the temperature of 1500~1700 etc. Comparing with the glass fiber filter medium, FMS filter medium has the obvious improvement on wear resistance, anti-breaking, peel strength, which can bear high filtration load, its filter velocity comes up to 1.5m/min or more with low operating resistance. Again comparing with completed chemical fiber high temperature resistant filter medium, it has stable size, good strength and lower price than other high temperature resistance chemical fiber instead of the weakness of the chemical fiber of the large elongation and deformation, low temperature resistance, poor anti-abrasion. FMS filter medium is the newly developed product according to our national situation, which has been widely used in the field of steel and iron, on-ferrous melting, chemical, building material, electric power etc.
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