Sell FMS high-temperature tolerant punched filter

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FMS high temperature tolerant punched felt is a new type of product researched by our factory in 1997 and launched in market in 1998. It is made of combination of two or more than two kinds of high temperature tolerant fiber to realize higher, newer physical and chemical properties.

FMS has applied for trade registration. The production process and manufacturing technology of FMS are both patented technologies.
FMS punched filter felt has features of high tensile strength, tolerance of high temperature, acid-base, erosion, attrition and breaking. After different surface chemical treatment and post-treatment technology it has properties of easy dust removal, water-repellant, oil-repellant and antistatic and suitable for products of temperature ranges of 150-2000, 200-2500, 250-3000
Compared with glass fiber filter material, FMS is much improved in resistance of attrition and breaking. It can endure high filter load with filtration speed reaching 1.5m/minute or above. Operating resistance is low. Compared with synthetic high-temperature resistant fiber, it overcomes disadvantages of large elongation and deformation rate, poor erosion resistance; more stable size, better strength, lower price than other high temperature resistant chemical fiber.

FMS is a newly developed product based upon our countrys conditions. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and electricity sector. Properties of relatively widely used products are listed as follows: