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FOC-OPE1 fiber optic modem converts an E1 electrical signal into an optical signal. After the conversion, the signal is transmitted over fiber optic cable, extending the E1 service up to 30KM. FOC OPE1 is transparent to E1 framing (G.704) , which enables it to transmit framed or unframed E1 signals.

X Extends the range of E1 services over fiber optic up to 30 KM.
X Conforms to all relevant ITU-T series standards
X Support of framed and unframed E1 signals. Transparent to E1 framing
X Comprehensive diagnostic functions: built-in BERT, V.54 diagnostics, CRC
X Loopback diagnostics: local loopback (LLOOP) , remote loopback(RLOOP) and local initiated remote loopback (RRLOOP)
X Comprehensive front panel Status LEDs
X Can work opposite with FOC-OPV35
X Clocking modes supported: internal, external, network
X Low power consumption: 2W
X 220VAC or -48VDC power supply