Sell FOM480 Fiber Optical Multiplexer

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Flexible configuration meet the need of applications foreign abroad. Though it is 19
inches in width and 1U in height, it is different from other PDH which is manufactured by
other companies. All of the unit cards are hot swappable. A big quantity of this type
exported. Either appearance or performance has good quality.
The sub rack of FOM480 multiplexer is made of aluminum alloy and 19 inches in width,
1U in height. It provides 7 slots for unit card, which consists of 2 optical card slots,
1 8.448M Ethernet card slot and 4 service unit slots. The 4 slots can be deployed with
4WV.35 card, video card or V.11/V.24 card. So the preparation is flexible, and this feature
makes the product a multi-service transport platform (MSTP)
The LCD on the front panel of FOM480 shows the operation and alarming status of both
local and remote equipment. We and connect the equipment with the PC directly to operate
the network management.
The SNMP protocol through Ethernet interface provides the first management system.
So you can through the web to operate the network, and when you are on holiday you
can also operate the network in the hotel. If you are online and enable the management
through Internet on web interface.
The optical interface code rate is 155Mbit/s, so the 100Mbit/s Ethernet is as fast as the
The power supply can both AC220V and DC-48V, and it is available for AC and DC
inputs feeding simultaneously which can work with 1+1 protection.
The optical interfaces works under 1+1 mode and providing smooth switching which
costs 0ms when either the optical card is plugged out or the fiber damaged or cut. And
there's no error bit or AIS occurred during the switching. This achieves the real
non-damage switching, the most advanced and unique technique of FOM480. The
test between some manufactures in the Thailand which can past this test is only one
or two.