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Xiamen NewHengshengStone is specializing in processing singularly exclusive floating stone sphere water fountains (Rolling Ball Fountains) with a wide color selection of natural stones to choose from.
Our floating sphere fountains (rolling ball fountains) are ideal decoration for private homes, condominium entrances, atriums, shopping malls, medical centers, hotels, golf courses, swimming pools, entertainment areas, spas, country clubs, parks, museums, airports, libraries and other large outdoor public spaces  
Available in sphere diameters from 4 inches (10cm) to over 6 feet (180cm) . We are now mainly manufacture 12(30cm) , 16(40cm) , 20(50cm) , 24(60cm) , 28(70cm) , 32(80cm) , 36(90) , 40(100cm) , 43(110cm) , 48(120cm) , 60(150cm) , 72(180cm) . Custom sizes are also available.