FRANCHISE TO RETURN LOST KEYS. You May Also Be Interested In: data protection postbox
We are seeking interested franchisees, in leading and managing "LOST and FOUND" service for keys, in various countries by the invention of a systematic methodlogy under license, to locate and return keys to the rightful owners. This is a service oriented business, with protocol arrangements with members of the International Postal Union to utilise their postal/courier services to return lost keys to the rightful owners for a token fee. The markets are huge.
Success Rate

A practical analysis of similar services operating in Europe indicates a possible return rate of up to 97%! The unique infrastructure of the postal service allows for an increase in the chances of recovering important lost keys by making it easy for the finder to act responsibly. Every postbox and post office is conveniently accessible, and basically becomes a highly efficient "lost & found" department.
Security and Data Protection

Security and Data Protection is of the highest priority in our organization. All personnel of KeyPost have signed legally binding confidentiality agreements. We only use customer data to provide the stipulated services of KeyPost. All finder and owner information will be kept private, and for no reason whatsoever be exchanged or revealed!
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