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A selection of several varieties of Grapes. Red, White and Black. Always availabqle, all year round.
A Product with an excellent nutritional composition, gucose, fructose, vitamins, minerals and organic acids that ensures a balanced and enjoyabloe flavor. A product that distinguishes because of their sizae, exuberance and well formed bunches. Fairly resistant to transport and storage, maintainiung their natural characteristics of flavour, color and texture for as long as three months after being picked.
A great source of Potassium, CDalcium, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin A, B, C and E as well as dietary fibers.

Fresh Grapes What a Joy for your taste and thirst. What a real jewel for your eyes. A Juicy and tasty product of Nature. From the Lands of the Andes Mountains in Argentina. Red, White and or Black perfect grains of this unforgettable product. For your table enjoyment by Pampas Pride.
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Pampas Pride
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30 days
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40 ft fcl
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TT Advance
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FOB Origin Southamsrican Port