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We deal mainly in the items listed below:
1. Ribbon Fish (W/R and HGT)
2. Leather Jacket (W/R and HGT Skinless)
3. Rough Trigger Fish (W/R and HGT Skinless)
4. SkipJack (W/R and HGT)
5. Soft Cuttlefish and Cuttlefish (W/R and Whole Cleaned)
6. Dried/Salted fishes
7. Bullet tuna
8. Red Mullet
9. Eastern Little tuna
10. Lizard Fish
11. Baby barracuda
12. Sharkfins
And etc

Cooked tuna loins:
1. Skipjack tuna cooked loins
2. Yellowfin tuna cooked loins
Minimum Order Quantity
1 x 20 RF Container
Terms of Payment
L/C &26 T/T
Terms of Sale