Sell FRP(GRP) pipe winding production line

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The new type computer controlled FRP(GRP) pipe winding production line by add sand from under:
Production Line Introduction
As the professional producer of computer controlled consistent winding glass F. R. P plastic, it has received 21 patents. The feature of the new type winding glass fiberglass, the grinding machine and add sand pressure pipe is as follow:
1. This product line uses the damp sand-added pressure pipe and under sand-added technology, which are invented by the company. It can lead for the new attainment that computer controlled resinated-glue, high auto-pressure with sand-enclose and auto sand-added flat . It can not only increase the production efficiency the most of the productive and the quality of the product but also declines the cost of product efficiently. At least , its productive capacity can be more than one time than the instrument coming from abroad . Sand-added pipe(B) level thirty percent(30%) over the request . Which promises the stability with quality of product .
2. This production line uses the invention original creation independent location under to add correlation necessary system and so on special-purpose quartz sand roller compaction installment which the granulated substance is systematic and independently walks, enable the production efficiency to have the very big enhancement with compared to the domestic and foreign other factories production equipment, the production efficiency enhanced above a time, also FRP Pipe mechanics performance also had the enhancement, presently it surpasses the standard parameter to request above 20%, but effectively guaranteed the product quality the stability.
3. This production line uses the invent creative the aqueous method to add the granulated substance craft and creative under adds the granulated substance craft by us, and so on in the essential technical foundation through reduces in the quartz sand in under the guarantee pipeline quality premise the resin content to reduce constitutes the pipeline the raw material cost, thus effectively reduces produces the cost, transforms the advanced equipment technology superiority as the product price competitive advantage, thus causes to use China to become the company equipment the enterprise to occupy the absolute superiority in the market competition.
4. The production line has perfect quality , hi-ability performance and low price price . New type winding glass FRP plastic and damp sand-added pressure pipe's production line can product sand-added pressure . pipe , whose requirement of power is higher than the same product lines in China or other counties . The cost of pipe was lower 25%than the same type products manufactured by others in China . So our company has the best competitive advantage and gain the most benefits.