Sell FRP Reinforce Bars

FRP Reinforce Bars
Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars (FRP bars) made from filaments or fibers held in a polymeric resin matrix binder, FRP bars are a new type of structural composite material for the civil engineering community.
The FRP bars have the characters of cutting easily, no sparkle, uniform strength of the body and anti-flaming and it can prevent corrosion, therefore this material has been widely applied in tunnel- and mine- construction.
The advantages of Roadpower 2006 FRP Bars for civil engineering
Advanced manufacturing technique, Uniform body strength
Very high tensile strength (more than 500MPa) , greater than steel
Antistatic and anti-flaming
Steady thermal expansion coefficient
Convenient installation, Very high durability
Light weight, density ratio of 1.8~2.1, 1/4th weight of steel reinforcement