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Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating have been engineered not only for high strength, but also to overcome corrosion problems found in chemical and mining industries where corrosive products are used. These are areas where metal grating rapidly deteriorates or creates a constant maintenance problem. FRP Grating is a cost-effective solution with the following characteristics
Corrosion Resistant. Easily outperforms
metal grating.
Fire Resistant.
Non-sparking. Ideal where combustible gas or materials are present.
Non-conductive. Good where electric hazards are present.
Non-magnetic. Use in sensitive locations where the magnetic properties of metal grating are proven to be unfavourable.
Low thermal conductivity. An excellent insulator and safeguard against inadvertent skin-contact with extreme temperature surfaces.
Good impact resistance. Allows repeated deflections without being permanently deformed.
Slip resistant (with concave bars and grit-top surface available)
Maintenance freedom!
light in weight.
Easy installation. Cut and shape easily with hand tools