Sell FSC1 Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB, RCCB)

FSC1 Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB, RCCB) You May Also Be Interested In: induction coil laminate sheet mcb rccb metal laminate
It is used for protecting against overload and short circuit in illuminating and power distribution system, and also can be used for switching the infrequent operation of circuit.
Overload protection: When the load current is more than rated current, the bend of dual metal taminate sheet is caused that will strike tripping mechanism and break electrical equipment for the thermal-expansion coefficient of the twoo kinds of metals of the thermal tripping dual metal laminate sheet is different.
Short circuit protection: when takes place short circuit, the magnetic field produced by current flowing over induction coil will drive the lever to make the circuit breaker trip quickly.

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