Sell FT-248(CAS:856773-42-3)

FT-248(CAS:856773-42-3) You May Also Be Interested In: cationic surfactant
FT-248(tetraethylammonium perfluorooctanesulphonate)
Structural formula: CF3(CF2)7SO3-N+(CH2CH3)4
Molecular formula: C16H20F17NO3S
Molecular weight: 629
CAS. NO. : 56773-42-3
Content : 90%
Appearance: white powder
Surface tension limit: 22mN/m(1 aqueous solution)
Package : 2W5kg per plastic brrel in carton
Storage and shipment: general chemicals
Application: it is cationic surfactant and can be used in fields of decoration and chrome-plating as wetter , equalizing agent.