Sell FTTH Forward and Return Path RF Transceiver MiniNode 100

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Lootom MiniNode 100 Forward and Return Path RF Transceiver offer the operators competitive advantage and enormous flexibility over the traditional HFC architectures --- avail enough the existing RF and DOCSIS technology to deploy a fiber optic distribution network. Lootom MiniNode 100 operate over a standard Passive Optical Network(PON) ODN architectures using a standard HFC optical wavelength, connect to cable modems, televisions and set-top boxes through the existing coaxial cable, dont need the neighboring HFC nodes and the annual testing and maintenance. Lootom MiniNode 100 allows PON, RFoG and mixed PON network to extend the bi-directional and interactive RF business through the passive optic distribution network, it could be used at the same optic cable which PON access to, support the voice, video and data business. Lootom MiniNode 100 RF transceiver provides bi-directional services over extended RF frequencies (up to 1.1Ghz) while being agnostic to headend equipment, Customer equipment, and compatible with todays operating processes.

* Using the low noise pHEMT GaAs FET as the first RF amplify module, fit to low optic power input
* Support the universal HFC set-top box, cable modem and head-end equipment
* Transparent return path capability (protocol and modulation format agnostic)
* Optical AGC function( reach the positive RF level)
* Reduce the convergence noise
* Local or remote power supply
* Die-casting aluminum housing, excellent heat dissipation performance
* It is compatible with DAVIC and DOCSIS