Sell FUTURA DIN PLASTIC CASE ( Terminals: Plug-In/Surface Mount/Wire Jumper!!! )

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FUTURA Case (96x96x110mm) offers technically superior and attractive packaging to Instruments. Snap-together parts design, three innovative Terminal-to-board connection options, and high esthetical erosion-structure surface with ventilation are its distinctive features. Case manufactured in accordance with DIN 43 700 has a large variety of applications in panel flush mounting analog and digital instruments especially suitable for measuring and control technology.

Snap-together Case Assembly: Assembly of case, front plate and back plate forms electronic module. Snap-together design of it speeds up the assembly time in manufacturing / servicing.

Snap-On latches for PCBs: Front Plate has Snap-On latches for two lengthwise and one display PCB. To avoid wiring PCBs can be interconnected. PCB guide in the case guides the assembly. Case has ventilation slots for effective heat dissipation. The structured surface with erosion-structure gives high aesthetic look to FUTURA Case.

Terminal-to-board connection options: Case has three Terminal-to-board connection options;
Plug-In version - It has leaf spring contact like card edge connectors, offers quick connections, ideal whenever replacement are important to reduce downtime.
Surface Mount version - Solder tabs soldered directly on PCB surface, which eliminates wiring, cost effective for higher volumes.
Wire jumper version - Wire jumper joins solder tab and PCB, terminal can be loaded in selected position for application configuration and to reduce cost with dummy terminal plugs.

Terminal cover: Transparent terminal cover snap fits on Back Plate `offers protection against accidental contact. IP20 (finger protected). Case has maximum 16 (8+8) Terminals at back.

Material: Cases offered in ABS and POLYCARBONATE-Fire Retardant UL 94V-0 material.
Standard Colors available in ABS - White, Gray and Black. POLYCARBONATE - White

Panel mounting: For panel mounting the case is inserted from front in control panel cutout and is fixed from the rear with the fastening clamps.

Customization: Customized solutions are possible like cutouts for potentiometers, switches, LED, etc. and custom colors and special markings.