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The Face Bank is a money eating piggy bank robot which features an object-sensitive sensor to distinguish between coins. And when I say 'money eating' I mean like it actually eats money. It moves its mouth and everything. Although I can't figure out if this thing is supposed to be cute or horrifying or what. Let's just go with.

Now this is literally a money eating machine - the Face Bank Brick features a mouth where you slot coins in one by one. It isnt exactly the fastest chomper on the face of the earth though, so you might want to get a normal piggy bank instead if you do not have the time to spare. I think this will appeal more to kids instead, since it features an animated face complete with moving eyeballs that add that creepy look. Powered by a quartet of LR03 batteries
Supply Capacity
200000 pcs per month
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10 days
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100 pcs
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