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Liquid Soap with White Roses
it has a smoothing, calming and emollient effect. Anti free radicals and moisturizer, cleans and lives the skin perfumed.

Cleansing Milk with Aloe Vera
Clean eliminating skin residues. Let the skin smooth, nourish and protected. Can be used also to take make-up out.

Facial Scrub with Jojoba Micro spheres and Damascus
Eliminates died cells, impurities and sebaceous secretion, activating cells renovation.

Tonic with Proteins
Rich in proteins that nourish and hydrate with a recuperating action, resulting in a well cared skin with more vigor.

Nourish Gel
Prevents and reduces the action of free radicals, increases the cellular membrane resistance and helps the collagen synthesis. Ideal for eyes and mouth region.

Facial Moisturizing Gel with SPF 15 - Oily Skin
it has a protector, firming and moisturizer action that promotes fortitude, shine and softness. It acts against aging, regulating the skin oily.

Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15- Normal Skin.
Moisturizer of big duration with sun protection. Combats aging and contributes for natural humidity retention.

Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 - Dry Skin
reorganizes the cellular membrane combating free radicals. It forms a protector layer that retains the natural humidity of the skin and attenuates expression lines.

Tensor Serum
it has a complex called resplendent beauty that firms the skin. Through an excellent moisturizer power, it recuperates the skin luminosity, looking younger.

Revitalizing Serum
it is a gel concentrated in vitamin that re-structure the collagen and elastin fibers, combating the action of free radicals. Stimulates the skin matrix and firms the skin.

Scrub with poliethylen micro spheres
Remove impurities and died cells, contributing for cellular regeneration.

Plants extract shower gel
Contains a high concentration of plants extracts that has moisturizer, skin protector and revitalizing action. Can be used in the shower or as bath foam.

Liquid soap of grass lemon
Delicate and refreshing with skin protector properties. Lets the skin perfumed and the bath much more relaxing.
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