Sell Facial Mask - Pure Olive Moisturizing Firming Mask

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Brand: Rucco
Product Name: Pure Olive Moisturizing Firming Mask/Facial Mask/Skin Care
1. Soften and smoothen skin: contain Shea Butter moistening cream, integrating the functions of water holding, moistening and restoring; its fresh and water moistening effect can establish water lock barrier around cells, reduce the loss of water to make the skin 24-hour moistening and silky.
2. Tighten & Brighten: nourish the damaged skin cells, supply various nutrients necessary for skin, nutritiously moisten skin and make your skin flow dynamic vitality.
3. Delicately care: with unique mask design, this product can closely paste on the whole facial skin, help the essence ingredients more rapidly and easily absorbed by the skin, and delicately care your skin.
4. Main components: natural olive cream, Shea Butter cream, NMF and etc.

Directions: after cleaning the face with warm water, make the mask spread closely on the face, press it to the skin and smooth it to remove any air bubbles. Take it off after 20-30 minutes and wipe the remain liquid on the face with makeup cotton or bumf.

Notice: People with sensitive skin should stop using this product when feel uncomfortable.

Preserving instruction: keep it airproof in dry and cool place and keep away from light.

Package: 1 box contains 3 pieces of facial masks of individual package

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