Sell Factory / Manufacturing Plant / WFOE Set Up in China

Factory / Manufacturing Plant / WFOE Set Up in China
If you would like to start out your manufacturing business in China and want to set up a factory to manufacture your own products, you will need to consider to establish a wholly foreign owned enterprises ("WOFE") . A WOFE is a wholly owned foreign enterprise which the foreign investors can have 100% control and enjoy all of its profit in this subsidiary in China. This is a limited liability company with legal status in China.

Business Scope of WOFE's are narrowly defined in their application and business licenses. In some of the province, a minimum amount of registered capital (Normally USD120,000) is required for the set up of a WOFE. The established WOFE will be entitled to certain tax exemption on both income tax and custom duty and an annual tax filing with the submission of audited financial statement are compulsory for all WOFE setting up in China.

The general licenses terms of a WOFE will be ranged from 10-30 years. And depending on the nature of industry, certain specific government code will need to be apply for the application before the licenses will be granted during the set up application procedures.

We can help you to establish your factory from geographical location finding, local town government negotiation, key management recruitment, to formal registration, machinery import, set up of internal processing flow, custom handbook application and follow up to the starting of final release of production contracts. We also provide recurring consulting services to assist overseas company to monitor their China operation and provide timely and independent report to the head office.

We are happy to provide you free information to ensure you are doing the right choice to invest and operate in China.