Sell Fan-Coil Flexible Hose

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Central air conditioner flexible connector fan coil are advantageous for anti-corrosion, enduring high pressure, convenience in installing and well aspect, which widely used in the central air conditioner of modern building. The product matches the Shanghai City business enterprise standard the Q/ TEIG2-1997.

Installment and announcements
1. Select applicable type and length according to pipe ends.
2. Put off both ends fittings, and fix them on the connection of both inlet and outlet . Be careful sealing and tightening.
3. When pre-bend bellows, turning the nuts on both ends to avoid fixing the nut when bend the bellows.
4. No cracking with hard body and destroying the sealing surface when installment.

a. SL9615H SL9715H
DN15(1/2") Bend. R. (min) :30mm Life 25 Pressure <=1.8Mpa Length>=100
Nipple: R1/2 Rc1/2

b. SL9620H SL9720H
DN20(3/4") Bend. R. (min) :40mm Life20
Pressure<=1.6Mpa Length >=100
Nipple:R3/4 Rc3/4

c. SL9625H SL9725H
DN25(1") Bend. R. (min) :50mm Life 15
Pressure <=1.2Mpa Length >=100
Nipple: R1 Rc1