Sell Fan Motor And Washing Motor

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We can supply the motor for Electric fans, Ventilating Fan, Lampblack cleaners, Revolting electric fans, Electric heaters and Airfreshing electric motors.

According to the electrical pressure, we have motors with the models of 100V, 110V, 220V, 240V; According the frequency, we have motors with 50HZ, 60HZ; And according to the speed, the motors can be divided into two sorts: Two poles and four poles. The products are widely used in the electrical fans, for interchanging air, such as to elevators, air conditioners, beauty salons, public places of entertainment, medical equipments, showers, and also for lampblack-cleaners. The electrical equipments are mainly for freshing the air. They are widely used in trade markets, bars, hospitals, hotels, offices, houses and all kinds of places of entertainment.

We can supply other kind motor for you, such as:
1. Motor
2. Pm step motor
3. Hybrid step motor
4. Ac synchronous motor
5. Cover motor
6. Single-shaft motor
7. Dc motor
8. Oven motor
9. Fan motor
10. Washing motor
11. Electric motor
12. Induction motor
13. Hysteresis motor
14. Driver for the step motor