Sell Fanless Mini ITX Case (GS-L05)

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Fanless Mini ITX Case (GS-L05)

1) Features
1. Slide in-and-out base: Easy re-installed whenever and wherever even it has been mounted. 2. Real-time wireless inter-connectivity: Instant data collection and real-time communication. 3. Passive cooling system without ventilation holes. 4. Super compact design for saving your space, high performance (up to 40oC) . 5. Application range: As ambulatory PC in depots, warehouses, ports, distribution centers, lumberyards, fleet operating firms or other industrial environments where dust, dirt, or even grease predominated. 6. It is compatible with a wide range of mainboards which allows you to choose from numerous I/O and processor options. 7. You can replace the 2. 5" HDD with a Flash Drive for a completely solid state system.

2) Specification
Material: Steel chassis, Extruded aluminum top panel
Finish/Color: Black
Dimensions (w x h x d) : 7. 4" x 7. 2" x 3", 190mm x 184mm x 76mm
-1) Fit to all VIA EPIA M/ MII/ ML/ SP/ EK M/B;
-2) Fit to VIA EPIA CN/ EN /EX M/B;
-3) Fit to Commel 677/ 675 and JETWAY withC7 M/B;
-4) Fit to IBase MB896F/ MB899/ MB879/ MB890 M/B;
-5) Fit to Phylon 7F2WE and PWI8552 M/B;
-6) Fit to VIA C3 CS-C3M1000 and VIA C7 CS-C700 M/B
Hard Drive Bay: 1x2. 5" Notebook HDD
Optical Drive Bay: None
Expansion Slot: 1 x Small PCI slot (45 mm)
Front Access: 1x CF card (optional) , No power button (optional rear power button) *
Cooling System:
Heat sink/heat pipe combination on mainboard,
Chassis fins,
Maximum operating environment 40oC
Power Supply: Built in 90W DC board / External AC adapter 60W (brick)
Input: AC100~240V
Output: DC 12V @6. 0A

3) Case includes
Notebook HDD mounting tray
Heat sink/heat pipe combination for mainboard
Power supply and cord
CF-card Adapter(optional)
With 3x USB Module on the rear panel(optional)
Power Switch and Cord(optional)
Wall-mounted bracket (optional)
Brand Name
Available Colors
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
30% deposit T/T, 70% T/T before shipment
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