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Product Name: Far Infrared Itch Reliever
Model No. : FIR-1

Products Detail:
Features and Functions:
This product can be used during any time of the day to assist you if you have localised pain such as arthritis or a bite or sting from an insect. The product works by using far infrared (FIR) technology that is proven to:
Increase blood flow
Reduce the chances of blood clots
Flush toxins from the lymph areas
Reduce the acidity in our bodies (a more alkaline body is healthier)
Reduce pain associated with all types of Arthritis
Increase the extensibility of collagen (fibrous protein constituent of bone, cartilage, tendon, and other connective tissue)
Relieve muscle spasms
Reduce joint stiffness
Help heal skin burns & reduce scaring
Reduce inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis
Reduce Cellulite dimpling
This handy device is very simple and easy to use and understand.
1. Place the lens above the effected area of your skin.
2. Switch on the unit and hold for 10~15 seconds; at this time you should start to feel a warm sensation.
3. The LED light will illuminate to let you know that the unit is operating.
4. After use, switch off the unit to preserve battery life.
5. The LED light also acts as a power metre and indicates the strength of the battery. When this light is dim or will not illuminate at all, please replace the battery.
1. Range of wavelength: 2.5~13.05m
2. Work Environment: Temperature: 20~40 oC, Relative Humidity: 10~99% RH
3. Power Supply: 9 volts (one PP3 battery)