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1) Capacity: 2 persons
2) Heater: 3pcs
3) Power: 1,600W
4) Voltage: 110V or 220V
5) FM/CD player: yes
6) Dimensions: 1,200 x 1,050 x 1,900mm
7) Double control panel: yes
8) Operating temperature: 18 - 750C
9) Wood material: hemlock / Russia spruce

Advantages of healthy FIR sauna room:
20 minutes = 10 kilometers:
1) Expel toxins
2) Reduces stress
3) Benefit your skin
4) Control weight
5) Pain relief
6) Provide the same effects of exercise
7) Improve immune system
8) Increases blood circulation
9) Ease joint pain and stiffness
10) Remove stress and fatigue

Characteristics of healthy far infrared sauna:
1) Resistant 100% pure ceramic far infrared heater
2) Soft touch controller
3) CD / FM / AM stereo
4) Wood choice: hemlock and Russia spruce
5) Reading light
6) Convenient buckle
7) Tempered glass windows on doors
8) Oxygen ionizer
9) Various standard plug
10) Ventilation
11) Optional color TFT TV
12) Color therapy light

Working principle of healthy far infrared sauna:
1) Healthy far infrared sauna is an integrated, multi-functional and deluxe facility
for medicare and recreation, which incorporates the advantages of both sunlight
bath and sauna all in one
2) The far infrared ray is its major energy. The wavelength of far infrared ray is
5.6 - 15um which close to the body's own radial that can be absorbed easily. The
far infrared ray can penetrates 40mm deep into human skins, so the recipient
could receive an infrared massage, making cell tissues resonant, accelerate blood
circulation and eliminate the impurities, result in both bio-thermal effect and
physical effect. Thus, health will be improved

2 cartons/set

Qty/20' FCL: 26pcs
Qty/40' FCL: 54pcs

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