Sell Far infrared Heating Pad: DKW-3502

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Far infrared Heating Pad: DKW-3502
Example of DKW-3502 Heating Pad, good for Rheumatic arthritis treatment , rheumatoid arthritis treatment , unhealthy knees, post-operative recovery of fracture, tennis elbow, sciatica, varicosis, coldness of hands and feet. 14.5"x 7 "
Far infrared Heating Pad series products are the homemade far infrared products. The warm heat produced from the heating pad can make the product reach to a physical therapy temperature of 60 C degree13 C degree , is very therapeutic, better than traditional heating pads that produce a low heat.
Via the foment treatment, it is great for aches, pains, cramps, myalgia treatment, arthritis treatment, stiff joints, stiff neck, sore back, back pain relief, unhealthy knees, painful shoulders and Fatty-burning, cosmetic slimming, keeping warm on cold nights in winter.
Heating pad is versatile, easy and convenient to use, safe and power saving, suitable for both young and aged. It is reusable heating pads. You can use it at home or even in office. It is really your close physio therapist.

Far infrared Heating Pad series products make great gifts for you or someone you love
If you are looking for some kind of myalgia treatment, arthritis treatment, or back pain relief you will love DKW-3502 frared heating pads. These heating pads provide a lot of comfort to aches and pains that people caused by myalgia, arthritis, or lower back pain. DKW-3502 infrared heating pads do not cure any disease, but they do offer a wonderful natural alternative way to sooth pain related to back pain, arthritis, and myalgia.
You can also use your DKW-3502 far infrared Heating Pads as a neck heating pads, car heating pads, back heating pads, foot heating pads, bed heating pads, cordless heating pads, natural heating pads, or a reusable heating pads. The uses for DKW-3502 far infrared heating pads are endless!