Sell Far infrared sauna room(zy001)

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1. Dimensions: 900*900*1900(mm)
2. Capacity: 1Person
3. Seating Type: Bench
4. Double Wall Construction: Yes
5. Adjustable Temperature: 64---167F
6. Timer Setting: 0 to 90 minutes
7. Wood Material: Hemlock Fir
8. Construction: Tongue & Groove Walls w/latches
9. Non-toxic glues on inside
10. Non-toxic finish on outside
11. Heaters: Resistant Pure Ceramic Far Infrared
12. Door with Window: Yes
13. Oxygen Ionizer: Yes
14. Magazine Rack: Yes
15. Towel Rack: Yes
16. Cup Holders: Yes
17. Aromatherapy: Yes
18. Operating Temperature: 64-167F
19. Power Usage: 110V, or 220V, or 240V and so on (for choosing)
20. Atmospheric Pressure: 700 - 1060 hPa
21. Infrared Wavelengths: 5. 6 - 15 um
22. Single Digital Control: Yes
23. Internal Lighting: Yes
24. CD Music Player : Yes

1) Removes toxins, heavy metals and harmful materials
2) Removes fatigue, replenish oxygen and energy
3) Reduces stress, promotes better sleep
4) Relieves pain and improves nervous system
5) Makes skin beautiful and smooth, put off aging and look young
6) Burns calories and gets weight loss (600 calories/30min)
7) Improves blood circulation, cardiovascular and cerebral system
(corresponds to 10km jogging)

1) Automatic digital control system, convenient to operate
2) Automatic thermostat for constant temperature and changeable frequency,
saves energy and money
3) Fresh air accessible through transom, no stuffy at all
4) Warranty: one year parts warranty against manufacturer defects
5) Portable, easy to install
6) Completely free standing
7) Plugs into home outlet
8) Beautiful and luxurious appearance, more exquisite crafts
9) Adjusts time and temperature as you desire through the digital control panel
10) Safety glass door and safeguard to users
11) Ergonomic design and comfortable backrest
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