Sell Farm Machine/Agriculture Machine/Tillage Machine in China

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Tillage Machine(Farm Machine) (Agricultural Machine)

Brief Introduction:
With good economy, low fuel consumption, price equals to one-farming cattle.
Save time and labor, light weight(45KG) , easy to move in fields, low labor intensity;
Tilling form diversified can be used in rotating tilling, phough tilling deep or shallow tilling, ditching and raking;
Wide applicability can be used in big-shed vegetable base area, paddy field, dry field, and sand soil and stick soil tillage;
Flexible operation, adjustable handle bar, the tilling depth and width can be controlled.

Multifunctional Mini Tillage Machine
Body Size(L*W*H) (mm) :1380*655*970
Assembly Weight (kg) : 45
Tiling Scope (mm) : 800 ~ 1200
Tilling Depth (mm) :150 ~ 300
Gear Shifting:0, 1, 2 Gear
Driving Mode:Betdrove

Engine Type:ZJ168F
Bore*stroke(mm) :68*54
Displacement:(cm3) 196
Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
Max. Output Power(HP(KW) /rpm) :6.5 (4.8) / 3600
Rated Power(HP (kw) / rpm) :5.5 (4.1) / 3600
Max. Torque (N. , m/rpm) :13 / 2500
Fuel Volume (L) :3.6
Oil Volume (L) :0.6
Min. Fuel Consumption (kg/kw h) :330
Air Cleaner Mode:Half-dry, oil immensed, form filter element
Ignition:Inductive firing
Starting Mode:Pull-kick with hand
Engine Mode:Single cylinder, forced air cooling,4 stroke