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Shutter can achieve automatic fan leaves open and closed to dust, water, aesthetic effect through automatic control system. Fans of the series with low noise, large air volume, less power consumption, the cooling effect obvious characteristics. Aquaculture workshop on vertical and horizontal ventilation can use today's workshop is an ideal cooling equipment, product quality to meet international standards.
The fan adopes stainless steel fanleaf , big air volume, without distrtion, no breaking, aesthetic durability. (Before adopted aluminum fanleaf, and also had some problems in factory cooling, for example breaking; Adopted automatic belt up and tight so that don't pine belt and drop belt, (Dealers warranties the fan two years for the users, so that the users only use and don't mainten. Another the belt will become long after used one month, and will pine and drop belt, so that make damaged to the fan and the dealers. ; Adoptes more strengthing rebar pulley, and increase the strength.
Specifications: 830mm*830mm*400mm;
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