Sell Fashinable MP4 Playher - YDP131

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Hey, now we are pushing a new fashionable model of MP4 into the market at really bottom price:

Model NO. : YDP131
Origin: China
1) Insert outside S/MMC card, support outside SD card for 1GB and MMC card for 2GB at most, enlarge storage space;
2) Frequency playing function, play all kinds of frequency formats, include MP3/WMA/WAV etc;
3) Photo browse function, browse all kinds of digital photos, support EXIF2.1; 4) Microphone inside set to record, support LINE-IN face-to-face record;
5) Video output, AV OUT(NTSC/PAL) ;
6) Games, perpetual calendar, time reveal; 8) Various of languages(Chinese and English) set;
7) Movie playing function, can display network film, support ASF format MEPG-4, or transfer ASF format through switch software, playing effect 320W240 30f/s;
8) Lithium battery inside set;
9) Digital vidicon;
10) Electronic books;
11) 2.5 inches TFT screen, 260 thousand really colors, Sunplus Project.

Other models for MP4 and MP3 are also available, for furhter information, feel free to contact me!
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3 days
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1 year