Sell Fast Granulator (LKZ-180)

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This set can ideally granulate all the dry granules to make them be even ones and. Also, it can kibble large granules and pills/lumps formed during drying and, too, it can granulate a small batch of wet material in small quantity of fine material in result of multi function in one set. The frequency-conversion speed regulation extends the service life of stainless-steel screen, used in the industries of pharmacy, chemicals and food process.

Model Production kg/H Slot diameter mm Screen diameter mm Motor Kw Speed RPM Weight Kg Dimension mm
LKZ-140 50-300 1-5 140 1.1 400-2850 100 800X700X900
LKZ-180 100-400 1-5 180 1.5 400-1450 150 800X700X1100
LKZ-250 200-600 1-5 250 3.0 1450 280 1200X800X1200