Sell Fat Reduce Shaking Massager, Double Board Crazy Fit Massager

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1. Double foot boards make the interacting vibration left and right, imitating regular exercising movements. Compared to the familiar swinging structure. this product is the first to adopt vibrating mechanism. horizontal-movement, and structure. Guaranteed that every position on the vibrating board will produce sufficient vibration. will help to raduce fat, slim the waist, heighten the buttocks, beautify the legs, and burn superfluous fat, It will help you to get a perfect shape. 2.20speed selections. More choices for different people. 3. Has the famlliar look of a running machine. Occupies a small amount of space. Scientiflc timling design. 4. Preset 3 kinds of automatic mode. combined with manual mode. Convenient for operation. 5. Bran-new calorie display. The visible effect, the value will tell you all spprt secret. 6. Solews magnetic setting will make you improve your health unconsciously. 7. Additlonal speed adjustment button at the handles will make you at your pleasure. Parameter Description: Fat exercise Massager Model: RT-Q031 Rated Voltage: 110-120V~ Rated Frequency: 50Hz Rated Power: 200W Safety Classification: class I Ctn size:115x85x33cm G. W. :60kgs 92pcs/20gp;180pcs/40gp;190pcs/40hq