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Name:Fat Powder
Country of Origin:Shandong China
Standard Met:Z/BD C001--2002
Specifications:crude fat>=82% calcium>=6.5% moisture<=10% total energy33.6MJ/kg
Class:Fat Powder
About this product:
Product Description
Fat powder is a new kind of fatty feed additive with high energy. It is powdery. In developed country, megalac have been in industrialization. And it comes into common use in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. Experts in the animal kingdom regard Megalac as a kind of high energy feed. But in our country, we barely use it. The experts in our company develop fatty meal successfully after lots of study and experimentation. Fatty meal is a kind of high energy feed additive . Phosphatide iol picked up from vegetable oil is the material of fatty meal. With the development of animal dietetics, according to the physiological characteristic of the chickens and ducks, we produce fatty meal with advanced process. Fatty meal contains many trophic composition such as unsaturation fatty acid and Vitamin E which are necessary for chickens and ducks growing.
Packing:packedwith25kg,40kg,50kg,900kg,1000kgPPwoven bags/25kg,50kg paper- plastic bags/mark
During growing, the chickens and ducks need high energy andprotein feed, the best way is add fatty meal in the feed every day to improve the concentration of the energy, so that satisfy the demand of energy and improve the utilization ratio of feed and the speed of growing.
Lots of unsaturation fatty acid contains in fatty meal. Unsaturation fatty acid can be absorbed more easily than saturated fatty acid and it can improve the rate of fat.
Fatty meal has better stability. It is powdery and easy for separating, using, storaging and transporting.
As supplement for fat and calcium, fatty meal is fit both for reminants and for domestic animals and villatic fowl. Fatty meal can supply enough energy for the animals, and at the same time it supply calcium needful for growing and easy for absorbing. This product can be used milch cow feed, marine feed, chicken-duck feed and pig-cattle feed etc.
The percentage of fatty acid in the feed affects the rate of surviving and weight increment. The fatty meal is a kind of vegetable fat including lots of HUFA, such as suboleic acid and linolenic acid which can reinforce needful fatty acid that the animal cant compose and can increase immunization. The fatty meal can change the colour of the skin and the quanlity of meal, and discrease fat.
The fatty meal can resist hot and avoid the stimulation arising because of hot weather, reduce dead rate of chickens and ducks in hot days.
The fatty meal changes the chemistry of the fat and increase oxidation resistance. In hot day, this product cant be oxidized and in winter it can't be frozen and can mix equally. It !s easy for adding in the feed.
The fatty meal delays the time for nutrient exhastion in intestinal canal and increase the rate of absorbing and improve the transformation.
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