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Creative Electronics is proud to introduce a new product to aid in successful video conferencing (VC) . The Feedback LOGIC Controller, Model FLC8001, is a unique device used to control audio routing and camera selection. The purpose of the FLC8001 is to eliminate audio feedback when using Automatic Mixers in VC applications. The FLC8001 can be used with any high-end manual, voice activated, or RF controlled automation device.

Imagine: The moment a participants microphone is selected: (1) the desktop or ceiling speaker associated with this participant must be muted to avoid audio feedback; and, (2) the programmed camera position must be recalled so the camera is directed toward the participant. This is a popular VC set up known as LOOK AT ME.

The FLC8001 accepts control logic from the automation device and mutes the participants speaker, then signals the camera controller to move the pan and tilt head putting the participant in the field of view.


X Institutional Organizations
X Auditoriums
X Board rooms
X Conference Halls

X Three way LOGIC Selection  Manually, RF Touch
Panels and Voice Level,
X Controls VC Camera
X Mutes Speaker(s) connected with selected Mic.
X Works on LOGIC Generated from Automatic Mixer
X LED Indication for Selected Speaker

Technical Specifications

Command / Control Works on LOGIC from Automatic Mixer
Number/signal type 8 Microphones; Camera Supply for Video Conferencing Camera
Connectors 1 - 9 - pin D Sub Female
Audio / VC Camera 8
Connector. 2 Pin Captive Terminal Block (For Spkr. & Camera)

Number of signal 1  Audio of Selected MicrophoneSwitches Video Conferencing Camera
Connectors 2 Pin Captive Terminal Block (For Spkr. & Camera)
Cabinet Metal, Ht. 1 - U
Power supply 240 Vac. 50 hz.
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
Model Number
FLC 8001
Power Requirements
240 volts, 50/60 hz
Terms of Sale
FOB New Delhi
Warranty Coverage
1 Year